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An ever-growing catalog of expressive wearables.

If you’re in the mood for a high-quality round-neck/crew style t-shirt, you should first browse our Amazon Prime listings, where you will find our latest creations as well as the best prices/policies (full Prime benefits like free shipping and painless returns/exchanges). Alas, for the time being Amazon is still behind the curve on carrying V-Necks, Tanks, etc…

…Which brings us to the Clothed Circuit Shop — a smorgasbord of T-Shirts, V-Necks, Tanks, Hoodies, Towels, Pillows, Cups, iPhone cases, Prints, Skirts, Socks, etc., etc… Most Clothed Circuit designs eventually make it into the Shop, but just let us know if you see something on Amazon that you love — but need in a style or cut (or product) that isn’t available there; we’ll whip something up for you right here.

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