Custom Designs for Your Group, Business, or Cause

NO Minimum Quantity!

Want to sell or give away cool t shirts with your band, club, team, or company logo on it? How about prizes  to offer at a special event or fundraiser? Got an awesome piece of original artwork you’d love to print on clothing or other fun stuff?

In addition to our line of original creations, Clothed Circuit also creates custom, made-to-order designs on a wide variety of products. Send us your artwork and we’ll take care of the rest. All you need to do is pick the item you want it printed on and we’ll send you proofs of what your finished product will look like. You can then order as many — or as few — as you like (honestly; 1 is fine if that’s all you want!).

We can handle the design for you

Creating personalized swag is much easier than you think. Clothed Circuit now offers graphic design services for very reasonable prices — and in many cases, FREE!

Up to one free hour of design & file prep

That’s right! Be a new customer and pre-order of at least 5 items and we’ll give you a free hour of professional graphic design studio time to get your creations ready to go. We’re good, and we’re fast; 60 minutes should be more than enough time to come up with something you love. If, however, your project is more involved, we can negotiate a flat fee, or continue @ $40/hr until every pixel is perfect.

The process is simple:

  1. you send us the relevant info, references, images, etc.
  2. we make sure we understand what you need
  3. we whip it all into something cool for you
  4. you review / approve (or repeat 3 & 4 as needed)
  5. you decide what products you want and how/where you want to make them available
  6. Ta-da!

What kinds of product(s) do we carry?

T shirts are our specialty and can be made available through Amazon Prime (and all Prime benefits apply, including FREE shipping!). Your shirts can be listed privately (e.g., for “members only” or other specials) OR given full public access (and Amazon’s powerful search engine) for a super-large audience  (e.g., fundraising, fan promo, etc.).

If a t shirt isn’t what you had in mind, no worries! We can also make you custom (…deep breath…): tanks, hoodies, cups, caps, pillows, posters, totes, iPhone cases, leggings, skirts, dresses, socks… Oh yeah, and beach towels. These can all be made available through the Clothed Circuit online shop, or shipped directly to you if you want to physically sell or give away (i.e., at your school or store, etc.)

Once we lock in your design and product choices, your item(s) are listed and ready to go. We can help you promote with awesome promo images —models wearing your t shirt, for examples — for you to post on your website or social media to let your fans know what’s up. Even if you’re not in it for the money (i.e., non-profit cause, band promo, etc.), all profit after our costs are yours. Wholesale prices vary for different products, but for most finished t shirts your cost will come to around $13-17. We’ll sort out the specifics for the product and specs you desire; you can then  mark that up as much as you like. And that’ll be our deal: everything over your base wholesale price goes to you.

That’s it! Contact us using this form to get started.